The recording of the peewit or lapwing was kindly provided by Andrew McCafferty. Hear this call and many other bird songs on his fascinating site

Tom suggested using the cry of the peewit as a signal in Mystery At Witchend:-
"You haven't got a secret signal yet and we ought to have. We could use it for calling each other, or as a warning. If you wanted me on club business you could just pass me on the farm or in the lane and make the sign and I'd know and come as soon as I could. What do you think?"

"It's a grand idea, Tom. David was right when he said you'd make a good member. . . . But what sort of signal shall we have?"

"What about this?" said Tom. "I asked uncle what bird it was and he said it's called a peewit . . ." and with uncanny imitation he whistled the peewit's melancholy little cry.

Peter was thrilled. She knew more about birds than any of them, and this imitation was astonishingly good . . . so good that she could almost see the little bird dipping and drifting over fields, and crying sadly "Peee wit! . . . Peeeee wit."


The illustration above comes from Jane's Country Year.


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