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The Society

The Society was formed in 1994 after a group of  enthusiasts met to visit the Long Mynd and to celebrate 50 years of the Lone Pine books. The event was broadcast as a BBC Radio 4 Kaleidoscope Feature. Listen to the introduction (171KB).

In June 2011, the Society again featured on Radio 4 as Clare Balding joined walkers and members of the Society in Shropshire for one of her Literary Walks in the Ramblings series.

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Since 1994 over a thousand members of all ages with a common interest in Saville's work and a love of the English countryside have joined. The Society maintains strong links with the Saville family, many of whom are members of the Society.

Its purpose is to remember the author and to promote awareness of his work. 

The Society publishes up to four informative magazines each year. During the year we organise events at locations referred to in the books for walks, talks and other activities, including our popular Annual Gatherings, which always feature a 'Fabulous Feast'.

In 2014 the Society published a fully-illustrated bibliography of all Malcolm Saville's books. A free copy is sent to all new members on joining (while stocks last).

Members can also purchase books from our secondhand book sales service (run by a volunteer), buy Society merchandise, use our postal Lending Library to borrow books and join with other Saville fans on Not just the Lone Pine Club (for ALL Malcolm Saville fans), our private Facebook goup. CLICK HERE

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The membership of the Society has remained at a good level, despite the advancing years of many, and new members sign up on a regular basis. Many have rediscovered their childhood love of the books through joining the private Facebook group: Not just the Lone Pine Club (for ALL Malcolm Saville fans). Do join us! 

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Our main magazine is Acksherley!, named after a favourite expression of Dickie and Mary, the Lone Pine twins. It  has been produced by a number of editors and contributors over the years and is an important and popular entitlement of membership.   

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The original Lone Pine Club rules were laid down by the original co-founders in a simple memorandum, detailing Club objectives and powers. Quite simply the signed members were to be true to each other, whatever happened, and were to utilise the Club for the pursuits of camping, exploring, tracking strangers, watching birds and being kind to animals. The document was signed in blood and buried beneath the Lone Pine, in a sardine tin.