The Great Internet Adventure!

The Great Internet Adventure!

The Summer 1997 issue of Acksherley!  includes an article by Guy Hawley announcing 'the arrival of The Malcolm Saville Society homepage on the World Wide Web' at 

It makes a very interesting read! Our internet presence has gone through several changes since then, with making its first appearance in Acksherley! 20 and promoted regularly in our magazines since then - issue 28 has a short item on its updates, for example.  

Over all these years there have been several 'webmasters' - we're particularly grateful to Bill Purvis who has done amazing work for the Society, recently assisted by David Shields. And now we have a brand new Webadministrator overseeing our newly launched site, as we increase our presence and our functionality, providing an even better service to members and to all Malcolm Saville fans.

It's an interesting journey, considering 'Once upon a time Witchend was not even on the telephone; today it is on the Internet.' (Guy Hawley, 1997)


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