The Purple Valley


'Simon Baines on holiday again with his secret agent uncle, and friend Charles, soon finds that Provence proves as exciting as Italy did in Three Towers in Tuscany.

Before the excitement dies down, the trio, with two charming girl graduates, have found the source of an addictive drug which has begun to circulate among university students. This is a good straight thriller with all the ingredients necessary to satisfy quite a wide age-group. The background of genuine information about the wartime work of the Maquis, and the dangers of drug addiction, raise it above the ordinary.' - Junior Bookshelf

'This extremely competent story from a master storyteller. . . There is everything here, excitement, mystery and romance. The writing is good, fast and very readable. The characters are well-drawn and the descriptions of the countryside of Provence are very vivid.' - New Books

'A book in the Buchan tradition with a good story line and a clear conflict between right and wrong.' - The Times Literary Supplement

First published by Heinemann, 1964

215 pp, Price 15/-, Dustjacket not credited


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The Purple Valley