Three Towers in Tuscany


The first of the Marston Baines stories. As the title indicates, the action takes place in Tuscany. Oxford student, Simon Baines, finds and loses a girl only to find her again. As the adventure continues they learn that Simon's uncle is more than just an author and together they uncover a ring of Fifth Columnists.

'Love and adventure flourish fairly equally - with adventure leading by a short neck.' - The Times Literary Supplement

'But it is not just a light-hearted thriller, it gives the young reader something to think about.' - Church Times

'Political murder and mystery, young love and courage, are the ingredients most professionally put together by Malcolm Saville.' - Daily Telegraph

First published by Heinemann, 1963

213 pp, Price 13/6, Dustjacket Aedwyn Darroll


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Three Towers in Tuscany