Return to Nettleford 2023


Return to Nettleford 2023

A special publication, produced to coincide with the 2023 Annual Gathering, in lieu of a repeat Souvenir Programme.

This incorporates Nigel Robert’s script of the audio play performed by Red River Youth Theatre, based on characters created by Malcolm Saville.

Illustrations by Erin Hunt. Edited and designed by Kim Spencer.
To listen to the play, visit Return to Nettleford on YouTube. 

Nigel Roberts says: "We journey with the children as they visit farms, explore quarries, enjoy Christmas. It is perhaps the Christmas book which is the one which is most popular with readers today. It conjures up a nostalgic picture of an ideal family Christmas. It is a book filled with reverence for the season and joy of the holiday. I read it every year in Advent and it never fails to stir me. No other book captures the season as well as this one for me. It is a minor masterpiece and was the inspiration for this audio play."


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