Acksherley! No. 33 - July 2007


Acksherley! No. 33 - July 2007


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Martin Collins

Postcards From...
Brighton 2007 Annual Gathering - Joseph Knight
Visit to Brighton - Ray Ham-Longman
Return of the Prodigal Hound - Patrick Tubby & Joy Adcock
Report of the AGM - June Cox
Feedback on the Feedback - Jenny Aitken

Revisiting my Past - Colin Harding
And what Malcolm Saville means to me too - Norman Watson
The Secret of the Gorge - Kathy Blake
Thoughts from Shropshire - Robert Smart
Malcolm Saville's Newsletter Scrapbook - Patrick Tubby
Girls Gone By and Malcolm Saville - Clarissa Cridland
'Ghastly, desolate places' - Tony Gillam
Lone Pine Club - Colombo - Ivan Corea
The Transworld Years - Stephen Handy
Short Story Competition - Sam Young, Cathy Elton & George Jasieniecki

Short Story Competition Winner
The House by the Needle - Hélène Wilkinson

Society Updates
Book Search Service Expanded - Ray Ham-Longman
Forthcoming Events

Bit of Fun
Scottie Railway Poster - Donald Lang

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