Acksherley! No. 34 - Autumn 2007


Acksherley! No. 34 - Autumn 2007


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Martin Collins

Postcards From...
Shropshire Weekend - Kathy Blake
North Yorkshire Walking Weekend - Philip Bannister

News from Shropshire - Robert Smart
Gardening Magazines... and Biggles - Tony Gillam
Rediscovering the Lone Piners - Colin Tipton
South Shropshire Book Review - Alan Stone
Which One is Penny? - Frank Shepperd / Donald Lang

Short Story
A Happy New Year - A Missing Scene - Frank Shepperd

Society Updates
Booksearch News - Ray Ham-Longman
Forthcoming Events - Tim Hall

Our Friend the Scottish Terrier - Donald Lang

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