Acksherley! No. 39 - Summer 2009


Acksherley! No. 39 - Summer 2009


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Frank Shepperd

Postcards from....
The 2009 Gathering - Liz Manterfield
A report from our visitor from Canada - Martyn Delbridge
Postscript from the 2009 Gathering - Ann Delves-Broughton
News from the Shropshire Hills - Robert Smart

A Saville Journey - John Pentney
A personal perspective on the Lone Pine Series - Martin Nicholson
Was Primrose Wentworth based on Amy Johnson? - Cathy Elton
Saville to Shute - Andy Burgess

Designer Influence - John Dare
Shropshire Photographs - Bill Wastell
Joy as Festival unplugged
Reservoir Tunnel Opening 12-13 September
Lone Pine Koala - Bill Wastell
A Mention in the Times - Mike Shelton

`Missing Scene'
The Meeting at Onnybrook - Stephen Bigger

Society Updates
Mystery at Witchend Mugs
Forthcoming Events
Useful Contacts
Committee Changes

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