Acksherley! No. 40 - Autumn 2009


Acksherley! No. 40 - Autumn 2009


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Frank Shepperd

Postcards From...
Chasm Haunted by Crows - Kim Spencer
Treasure, Trouble and Tring - Jane Noble
News from Shropshire - Robert Smart

The Overhead Cableway - Adrian Pearce
James Wilson's World - Geoff Simpson
A Death in Normandy - Stephen Bigger
Short Story Competition - Frank Shepperd
What Happened to the Standings? - Frank Shepperd
Distant Saville Connections - Kim Spencer
East of Ipswich - Frank Shepperd
Bog Centre Presentation

A Missing Scene
A Mini Adventure - Norah Davies

Society Updates
Book Search News - Ray Ham-Longman
Peewit Eighth Edition - Bill Purvis
A Call for Papers - John Pentney
Useful Contacts
Forthcoming Events
Old Shrewsbury - Donald Lang

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