Acksherley! No. 42 - Summer 2010

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Acksherley! No. 42 - Summer 2010


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Frank Shepperd

Postcards From...
The Suffolk Annual Gathering - Anne Upton
News from the Shropshire Hills - Robert Smart

Malcolm Saville and the Buckingham Series - Julie Hall
Mr Morton and the War - Geoff Simpson
Lone Piners alive and well on Bodmin Moor - Yvonne Appleby
Review of The Short Story Competition 2009 Book - Alan Stone

Short Story Competition Winners
Micro Story. Keep Calm and Carry On - Nigel Harding
Short Story. Incident in Tromsø - Jill Howes

A bit of Fun
Saville's Stations Quiz - Frank Shepperd

Society Updates
Forthcoming Events
The next gathering programme - Kim Spencer
Something New - Mike McGarry