Acksherley! No. 43 - Autumn 2010


Acksherley! No. 43 - Autumn 2010



Through the Highlands of SHropshire on Horseback - Mark O'Hanlon
Posers! - Fun Item
Dan, Jon and James - Three Wise Men assessed - Norah Davies
Macbeth (picture strip)
Lone Pine Maps - a changing landscape - Sally Walker
Extract from All Summer Through - Malcolm Saville
The Corner House Mystery - Where exactly did the Jillies live? - George Jasieniecki
Saville Characters Quiz - Frank Shepperd
Secret in the Mist (picture strip) - Introduction - John Allsup
The Neglected Mountain of Books - Julie Makin
Marrying the Son - adapted from her speech - Alex Saville

Compass Points
Dartmoor report - Peter van Zoonen
Dartmoor report - by our Junior Reporter - Victoria Hall
Shap Report - Wendy Blencowe

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